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The headwind and Tailwind template is a business presentation slide focusing on the company's economic growth and financial progress. However, the design structure favours all items since it has a generic attire. Economic headwinds and tailwinds can be easily jotted down in the comparison slide. On the financial side, the term headwind is used to explain conditions that obstruct progress and positive future outcomes. It causes a decrease in value or growth. Corporate deleveraging declines in housing demands and employment loss are a few factors examples of headwinds. Meanwhile, the tailwind denotes the nation's and company's progress and healthy financial positions. There are too many factors causing tailwinds. For example, innovations, a rise in employability, and strong market conditions are a few of them.

The headwind and tailwind template for the powerpoint presentation is a comparison slide that enables product descriptions, presenting similarities and differences, and comparing elements of business development. The aeroplane design resembles headwind and tailwind aspects because it is widely used in aviation. Here the business presenters can use the same concepts to display financial progress and its underlying factors.


· Inflation

· High-interest rates

· Poor economic growth

· Foreign exchange rates


· Financial performances

· Stock market

· Employability

· Natural disasters

The headwind and tailwind powerpoint templates feature a common presentation design with a bullet point ppt structure. The aeroplane, in the design, will act as a heading presentation model of the headwind and tailwind concepts. The present can add five elements on either side of the diagram. It enables comparison presentation with quick views. Each text holder has an infographic clipart that may support your presentation. Otherwise, you can insert matching powerpoint infographics by replacing the default icons. Besides, the template is a mix of light blue and green colors. You can also change the color combination according to your aesthetics. Finally, you can integrate the template with your business powerpoint collections. Download the headwind and tailwind template now!