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Porter's Value Chain PowerPoint Template

Porter’s value chain methodology is a powerful management tool, which delineates the concept of value creation. Porter’s value chain template for PowerPoint and keynote is designed for professional presenters, who are handling business management and corporate management concepts. A value chain is a group of actions that are performed by a company to create value for its customers. Value creation generates extra value which leads to competitive advantage. Eventually, added value also generates a higher profitability for any organization. The concept of value chain is introduced by Michael Porter in 1985. The Porter’s value chain ppt diagram is useful in logistics and presentation on operation management, customer relations, product development and supply chain management. the strength of the analysis is its approach. In this analysis, Michael Porter mainly focuses on the systems and activities with customers as the central principle rather than on departments and accounting expense categories.

Porter’s value chain PowerPoint template is a professional tool created without losing the theoretical conceptualisations. Porter’s value chain analysis involves a number of activities, namely primary and supportive activities. Primary activities have an instant effect on the production, conservation, sales and support of the products or services to be supplied. These elements are visualised through the value chain PowerPoint template; that consists, inbound logistics, production, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service. The PowerPoint diagram is an exclusive creation for the business management professionals and management consultants. It delineates the importance of the distribution system of a company and how they are liable to create the value of the company.

The porter’s value chain template for PowerPoint presentation contains four slides with different colour effects. Its like a pencil drawing, which makes an academic presentation effect. The users can add their own colours for the diagram to make a colourful appearance. However, the modifications and changes should not be affected the theme. So, use only colouring options because of the technicality of the theme. Download porter’s value chain PowerPoint template for amazing management presentation.

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