• the value of discipline template

This three-pointed PowerPoint template shows the concept of Value Discipline. The value discipline model will be the best choice if you want to differentiate your business. If you emphasize three key areas, your business will be viable. Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema propounded the value discipline model. They argue that business will be workable with the practice of three major areas: Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership, and operational excellence. These three key areas a company should be focused on. The star diagram PowerPoint points enable inserting key areas with elaborate text on the right-hand column pp design of the business template.

The value discipline model is a business framework that helps companies to compete well in the market. The three-fold model framework of value discipline looks at three key areas of success. As the terminology suggests, Customer Intimacy is the first discipline a company should follow to gain success. That proclaims the relationship between the company and the customer. It is not only a blank knowledge about your customers but also the terminology stresses a deeper relationship with buying attitudes and customer challenges. Once you know customers' requirements deeply, you can provide maximum satisfaction. Product Leadership focuses on product development. Look around and analyze why certain companies are in the pole position. You can see that most of the market leaders are innovative in product leadership and diversification. Rapid changes and commercialism would drive them into market leadership. The third discipline of Operational Excellence has emphasized the ability to provide low-cost products/services with high potential. Human resource management, automation, value creation, and system management are the key areas of operational excellence.

The value discipline template for PowerPoint presentation is an editable ppt business slide in two design formats. One is the three-point star diagram, and the other is the modulated bullet point PowerPoint template. You can change the features, including the color and structure of the values discipline, with a few clicks. Besides, PowerPoint color backgrounds can adjust according to your color senses. Also, try out our customer acquisition template.