• Dave Ulrich HR Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • Dave Ulrich HR Model
  • Dave Ulrich HR Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote

Dave Ulrich HR Model PowerPoint Template

Dave Ulrich HR model PowerPoint template is a powerful tool for human resource management. Whereby, one can evaluate the company workforce and its efficiency. The PowerPoint of Ulrich HR model is a matrix layout to display the strategic planning change management and other usual processes. This model of human resource management has been extensively use in organization with complex procedures and a large workforce. It has also become standard HRM system to effectively implement management procedures. Here, the single slide shows the four segmental matrix, designed to illustrate the four essential roles of HR professionals. The four models or roles are; strategic partner, administrative expert, change agent and employee champion. These are the responsibility roles which assist an organization in retaining competent and dedicated resource.

  • Strategic partner: improves and bring into line strategies with business. Helps line managers in solving organization, people and change-related issues. Contributes to management team’s strategic decision-making. Nurtures systems thinking, customers focus. Strategically manages workforce development.
  • Administrative expert: creates and delivers effective and efficient HR processes and services tailored to unique business needs. Manage people and HR related costs. Ensures internal and external customer focus. Put on information technology to briskly deliver quality HR products and services.
  • Change agent: comprehends the organizations culture and what is real and unreal. Institutionalizes change capability within the organization. Assists line managers to lead and facilitate change. Act as a consultant in organizational effectiveness. Enhances management development.
  • Employee champion: change strategies and aids implement actions that improve human capital contribution. Helps build workforce commitment. Safeguards reasonable, moral, and impartial people processes and practices.

The Ulrich HR model template contains single slide with different color combination. Each segment is ornamented by meaningful infographic icons. The simple and editable template is letting the alteration and modification. The presenters can change the shape and size of the diagram according to their style and tone.

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