V Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote Presentation Slide

V model PowerPoint template and keynote is used in software development. Software development passes through different phases and stages. These stages can be illustrated by using our v model design; it is exclusively designed for the IT professionals. Software development is the collective processes involved in creating software programs. These collections are called system development life cycle or SDLC. Software development methodologies are backing the design of software to achieve a business requirement the development of software to achieve the quantified design and the distribution of software to production. A methodology should also be backing further maintenance, although that option may or may not be chosen, reliant on the project in question. This v model represents the development process as an addition of the conventional waterfall model.

The v model PowerPoint template contains the different phases of software development; most often the phases are shown in different terminologies. The important phases of software development are; requirement stage, specification stage, architectural design stage, detailed design stage, coding stage, acceptance testing stage, system testing stage, integration testing stage and unit testing stage. Each segment makes procedures required by the subsequent phase of the life cycle. These necessities are translated into design. The code is created according to the design which is called the development phase. After the coding and development, to test the deliverables of the implementation phase against the requirements. The software development slide illustrates the phases in v shape is an easy learning illustration.

The v model PowerPoint template can be used by software development professionals, project managers, and IT designers to prepare the presentation on software development. The PowerPoint demonstrates the relationship between each phase of the development lifecycle. Apart from the software development presentation, the slide is also useful for stock market analysts, especially for the technical analysts to show the V shape recovery of the market after all sudden fall. All the shapes and the text elements in this powerpoint template are fully editable. Hence, the users can alter the themes as per the presentation topic.