ADDIE Model PowerPoint Presentation Template

The circular diagram for the ADDIE model PowerPoint presentation appears to be a fantastic design for highlighting project management concepts. The rotational circle design will be compliment for recurring business process presentation and the discolored segments help the users to separate each topic for a detailed discussion. Addie model PowerPoint template can be used to show the instructional model designing of a project or a business. It is a common instructional model concept extensively used in the area of design and development. The ADDIE model is the general process frequently used by instructional designers and training inventors. The 5 phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—symbolize a lively, flexible instruction for constructing successful training and performance support tools. Addie model is an instructional system design framework for business development and project success. The PowerPoint design shows a generic layout that matches the widely used Addie model Ppt presentation template.

ADDIE model ppt template for presentation is a colorful circle diagram slide projecting each phase of Addie model designing. The diagram consists of five-leaf pallets contains the letters of ADDIE on each leaf. The users can insert their main heading on the center portion which may give a clear vision for the audience. The presenters can use the master slide to introduce the overall concept of ADDIE model instructions and can provide the details of each concept separately using the decolored sections of the diagram.

The minimalism and flexibility are the key attraction of this ADDIE model PowerPoint, this model is easily comprehensible and the users certainly get its outcome and feedback instantly. The pattern is made by expert designers to help save time and effort in designing a five-section power pint model. Use editable options for making changes features, images, size, color, and so on. Being a general ppt design, the diagram may fit for any presentation that has 5 stages or concepts.

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