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The Change Kaleidoscope Model PowerPoint Diagram

The change kaleidoscope diagram for PowerPoint presentation is a arrow cycle diagram showcasing the change model for business and organizational growth. Change management presentation is inevitable for any business setting because “change” itself a continues process. What if company couldn’t interest in application of change management strategies it might be harmful for the business. The change kaleidoscope diagram helps the presenter to deliver 8 concepts of change management. it is a creative spherical template containing a diagram that was stimulated by the change kaleidoscope diagram used for strategic development and strategic change as well as other matters such as organizational change or for change management presentations. The template is designed for the presentation of the concept of change management and how change can occur in a fully acceptable way. The change kaleidoscope is a diagnostic framework. It can be particularly useful in a context sensitive change process, which one can argue is the in this management project.

Change kaleidoscope PowerPoint template contains the concepts that are developed by Balogun and Hailey in 2004. Each concept can be illustrated separately because it has 8 specific slides for detailed presentation. and the master diagram will help you to project the concepts at a glance. The change kaleidoscope diagram includes the concept such as:

  • Power
  • Readiness
  • Capacity
  • Capability
  • Time
  • Scope
  • Preservation

There are a variety of design choices, grounded upon the nature of the change – some substantial aspects of the organizational change context that need to be factored into the design.

Being a generic PowerPoint template, the circle arrow presentation slide will help you to present any topic that has eight elements. Besides, the rotation cycle is perfectly fit for presenting evolutionary development of a phenomenon. Hence, it could use for teachers and education experts to signify historical developments and evolution. Use kaleidoscope ppt diagram to present different change models.

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