The change management PowerPoint template is an all-in-one pitch deck presentation containing 44 slides and important change management theories. This is an unbelievable presentation deck comprised of minimal powerpoint designs to create stunning intellectual displays. Change management would be the only way to stay in the current positions and achieve new horizons. Without change, a person or company can’t make progress. If you are not ready to accept the change, you will stand still as a strawman. However, we may face many barriers when implementing change in a business. First and foremost, acceptance of change from the employees’ slide is crucial. People normally don’t like to accept changes since they think they bring risks. Preparing to make changes is an important concern for companies and politicians. Change management is a simple powerpoint design that includes the following change management theory topics:

  • Lewin’s change management template in four variant PowerPoint design
  • Kotter’s change model in 4 attractive circles and step diagram ppt design
  • PDCA template as Deming wheel PowerPoint
  • McKinsey 7S framework template in two different ppt layout
  • Powerpoint graph showing Kubler-Ross change curve
  • Bridges transition model
  • Nudge theory PowerPoint template as a 7-stage diagram
  • Virginia Satir change model graph PPT

The following shapes and clipart graphics are also included in the change management PowerPoint slides.

  • Introduction flat PowerPoint design
  • Circle powerpoint template
  • Arrow powerpoint circular designs
  • Square timeline poster templates
  • Vertical timeline templates
  • Arrow timeline templates
  • Bullet point ppt designs
  • Layer powerpoint diagram
  • Table ppt templates
  • Organizational change model infographic shapes
  • Bullseye design powerpoint
  • Change management gap analysis worksheet template model
  • Emoji templates for gap analysis
  • Pillar shape powerpoint design
  • Connecting circle ppt timeline
  • Semi-circle powerpoint template
  • Step powerpoint design
  • Network powerpoint diagram
  • Zigzag timeline template

All vector shapes and designs are created with many variant layouts. For example, timeline templates are in different sections for presenting up to seven elements. Similarly, circular powerpoint diagrams come in various shapes and modulated formats—download a change management PowerPoint deck presentation to create engaging exhibitions.