• wheel of change powerpoint template

Do you want to have a better version of yourself? Then follow the principles of the wheel of change powerpoint template. The wheel of change template illustrates key major elements of change. These elements are eliminating, creating, accepting, and preserving. But our template has multiple options if you have a different concept to add with the change wheel. There are two types of wheel PowerPoint templates in the slide. One is the traditional four-step change model, and the other is the five-step change model. The four-step change model has been imprinted with Marshall Goldsmith’s concepts, and the five-stage ppt model of the change wheel has five sections that are left empty.

The wheel of change model template is a common PowerPoint that can be used for presenting any topic having 4 and 5 points. If you want to show Marshall's change of wheel theory, you can explain the concepts with maximum audience attention. In his theory, preserving refers to why you have learned from your experience and what would positively affect your behavior. Creating refers to what types of behavior I could add to my toolkit to produce a positive impact. Eliminating refers to what trait of my behavior I should avoid. And finally, accepting denotes what behavior changes I must admit to staying in my current position. These are four mantras you should keep bringing positive results.

The wheel of change PowerPoint template has multi-color palettes with PowerPoint metaphors. You can add a heading on the center and give details on the aside. The circular PowerPoint template is best for showing cyclic trends of business as well. Also, try out our theory of change template.