• Wheel of Life powerpoint
  • Wheel of Life Template

As the name suggest Wheel of life template is created to show the success parameters of life. The circular PowerPoint template is coaching diagram. it helps showing life cycle in iteration. Every human at least once in a life asked themselves “what is life success”. The wheel of life template for PowerPoint presentation is help rate their level of satisfaction relating different areas of life. So, the circle template is an outstanding tool to scale success and balance in life. Professional life coaches can download wheel of life template to teach the areas of life success and balance.

The circle ppt for life wheel presentation will give a vivid visual representation of each area of your life. It includes the roles you play (father, mother, husband, manager, leader etc.). Areas of life that you give priority (career, education, friends, family, freedom, positive attitude, pleasure etc.). and the combination of these two. The wheel of life has different categories, including finance, spirituality, career growth, social service, etc. you can add desired categories in the diagram to display life tips.

The wheel of life template is also fit to show the wheel of success. The life wheel template contains sections or layers and adds topics up to 10. Each division of the wheel PowerPoint is best for adding categories of life in the colored areas. It is a rainbow diagram that is created with many color schemes to attract your audience. Besides, the template has ppt metaphor icons that may symbolize your presentation in line with the topic wheel of life. Motivational speakers, career experts, religious preachers, life coaches, and philosophers can use the abstract model PowerPoint to deliver abstract topics such as success and life. The circular template in gradient color effects will allow customized size, arrangements, color and overall features of the template. As a generic diagram, it will ease add any topic up to 10 elements.