• Deming Cycle Wheel PDCA Powerpoint Template and Keynote template
  • Deming Wheel PDCA Cycle Powerpoint and Keynote template

Deming Wheel PDCA Cycle PowerPoint Template

Deming wheel PDCA cycle PowerPoint template and Keynote template is designed for management professionals to show how to help the; plan, do, check and act model for the strategic management of an organization. This PDCA concept is developed by Edward Deming as a four step management method used in business for the quality control and continual improvement of processes and products. This four step cycle initiates with the planning phase {Plan}, then it goes to the production or performance phase {Do}, after which the results are calculated {Check} and finally in order to provide better satisfactory results {Act}. This Deming wheels four step operative models for carrying out change. Just as a circle has no end, PDCA cycle should be repeated again and again for continuous improvement.

Our Deming wheel PDCA cycle PowerPoint template and Keynote template shows the iterative, four stage approach for strategic improvement of products or services, and for resolving problems. It involves systematically testing possible solutions, assessing the results and implementing the improvement parameters. The four phases are:

  1. Plan: identify and analyze the problem or issue, develop hypotheses about what the issue may be, and decide which strategy to test.
  2. Do: test the possible solution, ideally on a small scale, and measure the results.
  3. Check: study the result, measure amount of effectiveness, and decide whether the hypothesis is working or not.
  4. Act: implement your solution if it is proved successfully.

The PDCA model is a methodological approach to problem solving with an stress on assessing feedback to improve quality of goods and services. This PowerPoint template designed as rotating circles representing the iterative and systematic movements. Different color combination shows the each step separately and the diagram has ample space for headings and descriptions. Deming wheel PDCA cycle PowerPoint template and Keynote template is fully created with PowerPoint objects allowing the user to customize its appearance, that is; size, color effects, etc. impress your audience with this professional PowerPoint discussion and covey your hypothetical assumptions to your executive audiences. User can download Abells model PowerPoint and keynote template for another strategic process selection.