• brand essence wheel

Brand essence wheel PowerPoint template- the consumer market depends on the imprinted cognition of customers, sometimes these cognitions become stereotypes eventually customer become a fan of the brand. The brand essence wheel explains the psychological aspects of buying and why different brands of similar products targeting a diverse audience. This psychological approach can be concise in the so-called Brand Essence Wheel, which helps companies create and define their brand identity. It is a unique way to protect their product and brand and forever and differentiate themselves from competitors. The Brand Essence Wheel is the sensitive soul of any brand. The brand essence wheel is a circular PowerPoint diagram created with outer, middle, and inner layers of brand essence concepts.

This is a templated approach to understand how the brand essence process workout. Here, the master diagram of the brand essence wheel PowerPoint is breakdown into five categories. That includes:

  1. Attributes: surface-level facts about a company
  2. Benefits: the benefits of a product
  3. Values: Values are what we celebrate and promote
  4. Personality: the ways in which consumers respond to a brand and the reasons why they are attracted to it.
  5. Essence: your brand essence is the core of who you are as a business.

Apart from the pure brand essence wheel diagram, there is an eight-segment circle diagram that is showing essential questions regarding the Brand building approach. These questions are:

  • What are we?
  • Who are we?
  • How do we feel?
  • How do we look?
  • How do we speak?
  • What makes us different?
  • Symbols colors and names
  • Who buys and who doesn’t

The brand essence wheel PowerPoint template comes in four variants. Each variant has a particular theme to showcase regarding brand essence and brand-building approaches. A Flower PowerPoint diagram is created to display the methods in detail. The presenters can use the individual sections of the chart to explain the above-said questions elaborately. Besides, the entire theme of the Brand essence wheel can be displayed on the introduction slide. Use the template to demonstrate modern marketing techniques in a row.