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Brand identity prism PowerPoint template is a hexagonal design that defines six characters of a brand. The concept of brand identity prism was developed by J.Kapferer in 1986. This brand identity prism is a model that aids businesses in building strong, enduring brand identities that reflect their core values. Brand Identity Kapferer brand identity prism contains six elements: physique, relationship, reflection, personality, culture, and self-image.

Physique: - Outstanding physical qualities which are seen by the target audience - like its color, shape, symbol, or anything that brings an image in the mind of the customer when thinking or talking about the brand.

Personality: - This describes the brand's personality or character. Here the brand is personified, and its characters seem in the consumer's eyes in a particular way. It can be related to calling a person shy or stylish, or generous.

Culture: - This signifies the values and ethics a brand stand for. For example, a brand that can promote low-cost energy-efficient cars in aspects should stand for energy preservation in all aspects.

Relationships: A brand relationship refers to how each communication relates to its target audience or how brands influence and offer a particular service to their customers.

Reflection: - this suggests the stereotypical user of the brand. Customer reflection and brand perception are not identical; it is different from one another. This talks more about the consumers who use the brand as opposed to the brand itself.

Self-Image: - This describes how a customer sees their ideal self by using the brand. This element is how they want to look and behave and what they aspire to show when using a brand.

Brand identity prism PowerPoint template contains 22 slides with dark and light background effects. Although each section of the brand identity prism ppt reflects gradient effects, it will be clearer in the dark background theme than the light background theme. The presenters can make changes to the results and color combinations accordingly. You can access more powerpoint templates & design templates here.