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Identity Lifecycle Management PowerPoint Template

The presenters can illustrate different stages of identity life cycle management by using sample of identity lifecycle management template. It displays the identity life cycle management process in a circular process diagram. The circle ppt template is made-up with colorful arrow tip designs that can be used to show 9 steps involves in a topic. Identity lifecycle management refers full life cycle of identity and access for a user on a given system. It facilitates the establishment, administration and utilization of a digital identity. It is a collection of business process and technologies utilized in creating, coordinating, managing and restriction the identification, access and governance of identities for access to business tools and information. Identity lifecycle management encompasses the entire span of an employees need to critical business data, tools, and apps in order to effectively functions their task and accomplish business goals.

The process of identity lifecycle management can be clearly delineated using the circle PowerPoint template. The 9 stage ppt template involves all the steps of identity lifecycle management arranged in a rotational sequence. These steps are; provisioning, career move, move location, profile update, new projects, lost password, password expires, new requests and de-provisioning. That means the entire diagram shows the lifecycle of a technocrat from on-boarding to off-boarding. Identity lifecycle management template also addresses the need for de- provisioning, or removing, access when an employee leaves the company or changes roles within the company. Identity lifecycle management controls the entire process of access to information.

The lifecycle diagram template of identity lifecycle management system can demonstrate advanced technological solutions. This template is a flat vector design of edible chevron arrow diagram that allows multiple customizations of PowerPoint objects. The shadow of each arrow tip creates a beautiful appeal with the numberings. The multi-purpose PowerPoint template could be used as a learning presentation for business and management studies.

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