• global people management diagram

Global people management diagram is an HR PowerPoint template that includes all aspects of an organization's HR, payroll, and talent management processes worldwide. This management diagram for PowerPoint presentation is a circular ppt slide with segmented textual parts. Each section in the diagram shows the HRM concept of people management with colorful shapes and designs. In addition, the HR diagram PowerPoint highlights major human resource management components such as time & labor management, talent acquisition, surveys and sentiment analysis, talent management, learning, and compensation management.

The global people management diagram for the PowerPoint presentation is comprised of the major ingredients of the employee development plan. So, HR professionals can use the chart to display how human resource management with the right management tactics will benefit employee retention and overall development. A well-structured plan provides your employees with opportunities and clear direction on how to increase their skills and make better careers. That's where universal human resource management principles come in.

HR PPT TEMPLATE for the global people management process is also a PowerPoint tutorial created for HR professionals. Globalization, the process of incorporating a business's operations and plans across a wide range of cultures, products, and ideas, impact human resource managers' roles. Once emphasizing local matters, HRM must now consider the effects of labor force diversity, legal limitations, and the interconnection between training and professional development on the organization. The circular PowerPoint diagram will highlight each topic separately, having individual text placeholders for each case.

The given shapes and images enable you to provide brief descriptions of global people management concepts and their processes. However, you can modify the default theme using your knowledge and experience in subjects such as employee development plan, employee lifecycle, employee attrition, etc.