• people process and technology

People process technology presentation slide is a fidget design slide focusing on business process management and its implementation strategies. The people process is a change model concept highlighted in a triangle design template. It is also referred to as the Golden Triangle for BPM strategy. The organizational change could be achieved by identifying, designing, executing, documenting, measuring, monitoring and controlling. These strategies are applied in automated and non-automated industries and businesses to attain desired targets. Hence, people process technology will enhance implementing modifications, improvements, and reengineering. The people process PowerPoint template is useful for management consultants to train their clients or employees about the people process approaches in business.

People Process Technology Slide for PowerPoint presentation is seven slide custom design visual graphic that can be useful for presenting connections between the elements. For example, the fidget is a trending toy; people use it as a friend by spinning it on by fingertips. The triangle design is also a custom design for people process technology proposed by Harold Leavitt in his paper, Applied Organizational Change in Industry. He pointed out that People are the most important part of the approach. First, it refers to the employees within the industry. The process relates to actions and steps taken to achieve a particular goal. This also has a crucial role in the triangle. Finally, to implement the strategy, people need the support of tools, that is, technology. These three elements are the organization’s backbone for implementing change and achieving goals.

Business leaders and management professional especially focusing BPM approaches can download people process technology PowerPoint template to strategies business development programs. The visual graphics of triangle ppt template will present the relationship and mutual dependence of elements. So, the PowerPoint shapes could be used as of Venn diagram templates since it shows relationship and interdependence symbolically. People Process Technology Slide contains three variants of triangle shapes that are fit for business presentation as well as common ppt presentation. Also try our other Business process management templates.