Silhouette People with Bubbles

PowerPoint presentation needs different kind of design to attract people or audience. With catching designs any presenter can grab the attention of the audience and deliver the message impeccably. Silhouette people with bubbles PowerPoint template is such a design with multiple specializations. The users can use the template for generic presentation as well as specific presentation based on gender identity and gender discrimination. The important thing is, in product manufacturing and marketing there exist gender-based market segmentation. The marketing professionals can download this diagram to illustrate importance of gender based market segmentation and project ideas. The categorization of potential markets on the basis of gender is called gender segmentation. Both females and males can come under the target market for a given product. Using many segmentation systems, companies across the world are able to target various customer groups successfully. The marketing PowerPoint template is ideal to display the components of target marketing with special reference to online marketing. Besides, demographers and political administrators can use the template to display males and female contribution to enhance the developmental phase of a country.

Silhouette People with Bubbles display the silhouette of a male and female entity in professional attire and are accompanied by 4 set of icons each pointed away from the silhouettes arranged inside colored bubbles. The icons set are same for both denotes the same kind of responsibilities or job descriptions allotted for both male and female. This particular slide is so versatile that it can be used in many scenarios starting from an event planning, a business meeting, an organization disciplinary explanation project, splitting of task etc. it is available in two different back ground colors and all the aspects in the slides are fully editable giving a high amount of flexibility for the usage of the same. Silhouette People with Bubbles is available in PowerPoint and Keynote template.

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