• Bubble Head Infographics Powerpoint Keynote template

Bubble Head infographics as the name suggests is the collection of the ideas. The Ideas that force out of any brain when a topic is thrown is huge, bubble head can be used to capture this huge amount of idea. The best usage can be related to the use in Surveys, just as when a survey is conducted a variety of opinions are formed from different sources and a lot variety of them are found to be common, these can all be collated together and represented in the bubble head representation. This can be used to great extents in survey and data collection cases. If one is familiar with the Fish Bone Diagram, where a lot of random ideas are collected for a probable cause and then the most important ones are highlighted for further discussion, this can easily be considered as the next step to the Fish Bone Diagram if not as a replacement. This not only provides the most important thing, that is weightage of the probable reasons or the opinions or any discussion that is held for any topic that is thrown at but also represents the major of the ideas in a larger and bigger and format highlighting them. While the other opinions or ideas are not being ignored, they occupy a lesser importance while providing the visibility so that they can also be considered in case the larger and bigger opinions are felt to be non-delivering due to any number of reasons. Bubble Head gives an excellent representation of the ideas that can pop out when a topic is under consideration while also being efficient enough to give a platform for discussion of these ideas and the areas that need to be focused along with a weighted design for each of the individual ideas indicated in the template.