• world map bubble PowerPoint template
  • World Map Bubble Infographics powerpoint and keynote slide
  • world map bubble PowerPoint template

The World Map bubble infographics PPT template and keynote slide have 5 bubbles across different continents which highlights the value of your company's growth or percentage in sales or the metrics that your company is performing.

The words of customers ensure the product quality and genuineness. If you want to showcase your business areas, then our maps for PowerPoint templates can be an ideal choice. Ever thought about how to gain the trust of the audience? You may have done business promotions or advertised your products. It may not be an effective technique. Revealing your customer's words, or showing your business areas can create an impact on the audience.

If your company operates in several regions around the world, then our world map infographics template can be a better choice. Using it, you can track the business progress in every market and present the company revenue and market share around the world to the shareholders and audience. This template will assist in providing a better picture of your business operations to the audience. Business professionals can use it to deliver market and sales reports and show market share. It can also be used in the educational academy to show population distribution, to study geographical locations, study cultures of different countries or can feature in any conference to talk about geography, travel, or history.

Our world map editable PPT template features beautiful international landmarks. The user can deliver business and other statistical data in an eye-catching and well-organized format. Rather than showing your information in content or points form, use our awesome world map. The world map is designed in vector form, the user edits and resizes the map, modifies the color, and adds and edits the icons without affecting the graphics quality. The PPT template design can easily capture the audience's attention. Make your audience get engaged in your presentation with our attractive World map PowerPoint templates and keynote slides. Download and you are ready to deliver a well-designed report.


  • 100% editable template design
  • Elegant design
  • Vector PowerPoint shapes and objects
  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint versions, Keynote and Google Slides
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3(Normal), 16:9 (Widescreen)

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