• Empathy Map PowerPoint Template

Empathy Map Canvas PowerPoint Template

Empathy map PowerPoint template is a psychology template created for business uses. Business is based on customer inner feelings or emotions. If one could understand the emotions of customers, he/she can easily frame customer satisfactory measures for business development. So, the empathy map canvas PowerPoint is a roadmap towards setting customer relations fruitfully and go with the study of behavioral economics.The empathy map is a powerful tool to investigate needs and wants of customers and product users. Therefore, the model of empathy map is planned in a way that professionals can comprehend experiences of their customers. It starts with the analysis of customer’s needs and what could be done to supply to those user necessities.

Assemble your team and have them bring any personas, data, or insights about the target of your empathy map ppt template. You might ask questions such as:

  • What would the customer be thinking & feeling? What are some of their doubts and desires?
  • What would their families, friends, colleagues, and boss be likely to say while the customer is using our product? What would the customer hear in these situations?
  • What would the customer see while using our product in their setting?
  • What are some of the user’s pain points or worries when using our product?
  • What benefits might the user experience when using our product?

The empathy map PowerPoint template contains different type of PowerPoint graphics such as timeline, square diagram, divided rectangle PowerPoint, rectangle diagram contain brainstorming illustrations, and circle ppt diagram. Each PowerPoint will give a perfect view to the concepts and surely engage the viewers with the customer empathy takeaways. Users can change the shape and size of each object, backgrounds, or they can alter the visual impact by totally changing the color shades of the empathy PowerPoint diagram.