Strategy Map PowerPoint Diagram

If you want quick communication on strategy matters, download strategy map PowerPoint template. This is a diagram is a combination of the strategy map and balanced scorecard PowerPoint that will ease your communication with your staff and stakeholders. The traditional four-layer business strategy diagram shows the flow of strategy and its implications in a single PowerPoint platform. Strategy diagram mapping shows the flow of activities as a flowchart design. The Strategy Map is a tool specifically applicable to document the primary strategic goals of an organization. This document is an input for the formation of the organization’s Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in addition to the key purpose of the strategy announcement. A balanced scorecard is a presentation scale used in strategic management to recognize and rectify various internal functions of a business and their causing external results.

The strategy map diagram with a balance scorecard PowerPoint is a useful tool to analyze the direction of your business. It is used to fortify good actions in an organization by separating four distinct zones that need to be examined. These four areas are; customer, financial, learning and growth, and internal business process. The balanced scorecard is used to achieve objectives, initiatives, measurements, and ends that result from these four key functions of a business. Profit or loss data is an essential tool in managing upcoming growth; this knowledge is used in generating a balanced scorecard. For instance, customer perspective is gathered to quantity customer satisfaction with quality, price and obtainability of products/services. A balanced scorecard includes both financial and nonfinancial information to evaluate profit and loss.

The strategy map ppt template contains ten slides of flow chart designs. Each template is colored with pink and blue combination ensures audience involvement with utmost participation. The PowerPoint template provides quality icons, arrows, and vector shapes created to ornament each section. The strategy map diagram balance score card PowerPoint is designed for corporate audiences to pass their strategy outcomes with easy to understand fashion.

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