• blue ocean strategy template

Blue ocean strategy template is a self-explanatory marketing diagram that is focusing how marketing professionals should look to contest with competitors. More than a theory, the blue ocean strategy is looking for a new harvest by avoiding tight competition. The theory of “blue ocean strategy” was developed by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne in 2005. The core idea of this theory relies on the new market creation instead of the irrelevant existing market. It is about making and apprehending unchallenged market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant. It lights upon, market boundaries and industry structure are not a given and can be remodelled by the actions and principles of industry players.

In the blue ocean strategy PowerPoint template, you can see two topics related to the core idea. i.e., blue ocean and red ocean. The red ocean is your known market space, their competition is tight, and so many fishermen are trying to catch fish. Here, all the competition rules are known, and the boundaries are accepted. As the market space gets crowded, obviously, profit and company growth would be reduced.

This “bloody” competition turns the ocean red. In contrast, the blue ocean denotes an unknown marketplace that has less competition. Here, demand is created by the marketers themselves, so there is no fought between rivals. Or there are no rivals. Here profit and growth are intact and rapid. A blue ocean is a metaphor to define the wider, deeper potential to be found in unfamiliar market space.

The blue ocean strategy template is an analogy that shows the theoretical conceptualization through animated PowerPoint design. Each slide in the diagram has carried plenty of text areas to show the concept in detail. The presenters can utilize each area to explain their own marketing strategies and create a wonderful presentation without losing the core of the blue ocean strategy. Download different types of business strategy PowerPoint and make your presentation relevant.