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Push and Pull Strategy PowerPoint Template

The push and pull strategy PowerPoint template is designed for marketing professionals to illustrate the application of push and pull factors in the target market. This is two promotional strategy which applied to get the product to the target marketing is push and pull strategy. This template has immense significance for marketers to delineate two opposite marketing strategies. In push strategy, the idea is to push the company’s product into customers by making them aware of it, at the point of purchase. It is happening through marketing activities with the support of intermediaries. The push strategy is depicting by the help of a process diagram that is fit to present the concept with an ease. Pull strategy depends on the notion,” wait until the customers come to you”. That is, a customer himself/herself attracted by the product and unknowingly comes for the purchase. There are several reasons behind pull strategy; one is demand of the product. This is also illustrating by the process presentation template.

The marketing PowerPoint template for the delineation of push and pull strategy is a typical flow chart contains three sections of presentation. This flow charttemplate shows the link between marketing activities by a diagrammatic representation. It is the two opposing concept for product marketing that enables the manufacturer to increase their sales. These two opposing strategies are clearly visualized using the strategy PowerPoint template. Push strategy is a plan that involves direction of marketing efforts to channel partner while the push strategy is a plan that involves promotion of marketing efforts to the final consumer.

The business template for PowerPoint presentation contains two slides that will pronounce the push and pull marketing strategies. The template is a flat vector graphic comprises suitable process flow PowerPoint shapes. It is a fully editable PowerPoint slide which enables users to make changes in colors and sizes.

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