• Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template
  • Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Templates

Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template offers an artistic illustration of blue ocean strategy marketing theory with text descriptions. This self-explanatory template provides iconography and diagrammatic illustrations to work with Blue Ocean Strategy images. More than a theory, the Blue Ocean Strategy brings forth a tool for easy harvest by avoiding tight market competition. The key concept of this marketing model is telling about new market creation instead of the crowded (every player baiting for the same customers) existing market. Blue Ocean Strategy is looking for an unchallenged marketplace where competition is irrelevant. The metaphoric PowerPoint Blue Ocean Strategy is a comparison diagram that exposes another concept called the Red Ocean Strategy. The Presenters can detail this marketing model using the PowerPoint Red Ocean Strategy with a Comparison of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

PowerPoint Template for Blue Ocean Strategy has two topic presentation slides related to the core idea. So, the users can easily transmit the essence of blue ocean marketing by giving a comparison with the red ocean strategy. The red ocean is your known market space, where competition is tight, and many fishermen are attempting to catch fish. In the red ocean, profit would be reduced because of the crowded nature. Hence, this “bloody” competition turns the ocean red.

On the contrary, the blue ocean is an unknown marketplace, so only a few players are fishing there. Hence, the competition will be less. This metaphor blue ocean template is picturizing wider, deeper, and abundance in fishes have a single player for fishing.

The Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Slide provides a clear picture of the idea with this attractive marketing template. It has pre-defined shapes, proper color, and image combinations that let users create a memorable slideshow. The features, images, and sizes are 100% editable and compatible with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. It is useful for lectures and training presentations.