• Market Opportunity Analysis Template
  • Market Opportunity Analysis Templates

The market opportunity analysis template is a segmented circle powerpoint with an eight-point presentation in a sleek design. Market opportunity analysis help understand your market position, target audience, and what new products/services you could introduce to improve your business. Usually, businesses do market opportunity analysis to identify and assess new market potentials. This process aims to aid companies in making knowledgeable decisions about whether or not to enter a new market. This business powerpoint design can be used to present the attractiveness of the new market. You can show evaluated results of the market size, competitive landscape, growth potentials, and other vital factors that could influence the business's success in the target market.

The market opportunity analysis template for the powerpoint presentation eases your research since it is imprinted with market analysis concepts. The eight-stage circular ppt begins with consumer segmentation, purchase situation analysis, direct competitor analysis, indirect competitor analysis, environmental analysis, foreign market analysis, diversification analysis, and complementary product and service analysis. The users can change these topics using powerpoint change options and add new concepts about market opportunity analysis. So, you can edit the text placeholders with important information and display any idea.

Market opportunity analysis powerpoint template contains minimal flat shapes of PowerPoint in soft colors. As a common presentation circle ppt, it lets any topic presentation with eight elements. The users can provide an easy-to-understand step-by-step sequential flow development for the audience. The black and white background ppt has numberings on each segmented division; the same has been put on the text areas for easy distinguishing the elements. However, only four colors are used to fill the powerpoint shapes. You can load different colors for different divisions if you want a complex combination. Besides, the template allows several customization options, including animations, shape effects, transitions, and more.