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Gap Analysis PowerPoint Template

Gap analysis strategic planning PowerPoint template combines different PowerPoint designs and images that accurately analyze the gap between a business and its upcoming situations. Gap analysis is the process businesses use to examine their current performance with their preferred, anticipated performance. This analysis determines whether it is meeting expectations and using its resources successfully. This is a comparison of actual performance versus expected performance. It assesses the “current state” and “future state” of a business, organization, or project. So, the gap analysis PowerPoint diagram focuses on the “Now” and “then” of a company or a business.

Gap analysis PowerPoint template is a business strategy diagram that emphasizes the diagnostic approach to mitigate a business's current and future problems. This gap analysis ppt template contains 13 sets of diagrams to analyze the different situations of a business. These include a gap analysis slide for introduction by an animated character sketch, a diagram to focusing “what is Gap analysis,” gap analysis with an action list, a basic process of gap analysis template, a strategic gap analysis diagram focusing on current and future situations, the benefit of gap analysis diagram as a timeline PowerPoint design, gap analysis matrix ppt, advantages and disadvantages of gap analysis template, strategic gap analysis with graphical chart, stages of gap analysis as a circle diagram format, gap analysis diagram showing statistical displays by line graph chart, and different types of gap analysis flowchart presentation.

The gap analysis strategic PowerPoint template shows market trends and opportunities. The PowerPoint slide is specially designed to showcase the market gap concept through differently created charts and graphical elements. The presentation slides can be used as a combination slide with other business diagrams and charts. Alternatively, various diagnostic approaches can help to study the procedures. All the images are editable. So, the presenter can make an amazing gap analysis presentation on these grounds.