• Strategic Planning Chart Template

Strategic Planning Chart PowerPoint Template

Strategic planning chart concept for PowerPoint presentation represents area chart model of strategy development with two axes. It is visual aid of innovation mapping graph. In every development there will be a gap between actual strategies and innovative product development. Professional business experts should be analyzes the lag and suggests proper strategic development that may able to tackle the bridging gap. The lack of viability and risk analysis could affect business process and product development. So, strategic planning requires processes to address current and future growth of company. It could involve financial resources like revenue or profits, skilled workforce, management, and business model. The strategy planning chart displays business value over time in terms of profit and growth. There are many analysis models to exhibit growth concepts. This chart of strategic planning offers a quick view of revenue and profit growth.

PowerPoint chart for strategic planning is an innovative diagram which focuses today, tomorrow and beyond. The strategy diagram is divided into three sections. These includes current existing products, initiate in development, and future market opportunities. Business strategy development needs systematic knowledge on market affairs. This strategy map delineates the value gap between existing products, development initiatives, and future market opportunities. Each graphical segment colored differently, and the distribution of the concept is not symmetrical. Besides, on the top there is a growth arrow which represents value and growth targets.

Strategic chart presentation for PowerPoint design is an exclusive diagram for business strategy presentation. However, the diagram or the PowerPoint images allows adjustments without losing the statistical value of the chart. The presenters can change color combination or the size of the images using PowerPoint edit options. The six slide presentation also letting additions such as mini icons or conclusion notes. Corporate industries can download strategic planning char PowerPoint template to showcase their strategy developments before the global executives.

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