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Prince2 Project Organisation Chart PowerPoint Template

PRINCE2 Project Organisation (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a quintessentially process-based method that plays a paramount role in management. This methodology is super flexible allowing it to be molded to various requirements.

Prince2 Project Organisation Chart has a project management structure that can be customized for any use case. It has a layout that is unique and detailed. The Project Board is specially picked by the management to make key decisions about the overall direction of the project. Mangers that make up the board are authorized to deploy resources to complete the project within budget and a pre-determined time frame. The Board signs and authorizes the beginning of every new project. It also actively negotiates and resolves any conflicts arising in the process of execution or between the project and external bodies.

Prince2 Project Hierarchy Board employs the Executive, Senior User, and Senior Supplier. The executive is primarily responsible and accountable for the success of the project. He is accountable for increasing the return on investment. The Senior User researches and presents the needs of the users of the product and effectively develops a solution that is aligned to meet the requirements of the users. He will ensure that product testing is done in keeping with the requirement of the user. The Senior Supplier is the most proficient technical expert who advises on method, design, and strategy. They represent those who are designing and developing the product. The Team Manager is the captain of the ship when it comes to project management. The Team Manager ensures the timely completion of the work within a given budget. Project Assurance gives reports on the progress of the program and the expected quality of the output. Project Support is consulted on different administrative services such as data collection or paperwork. They have the requisite knowledge of different project management tools. The Prince2 Project Organisation Chart is completely editable and is available in both PowerPoint and Keynote templates.

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