• Project Stage Gate Template
  • Project Stage Gate Templates

The project stage gate template is a table powerpoint layout showing each decision gate separately. The stage gate process diagram visually delineates five stages with colored column divisions. Each column will show project phase gate criteria, key metrics, and deliverables. The presenters can choose this powerpoint to deliver project management methodologies from inception to completion. The project stage gate template is a standard layout for displaying project decisions and their subsequent stages. Project managers and the governance body is decision-makers for project continuation and termination. In the project phase gate, a project is broken into various stages. Each stage is a gate where the decisions come to act, whether it is going to the next step or not. That's why it's called a project stage or phase gate.

The project stage gate template for the powerpoint presentation will delineate the project management process with the horizontal layout ppt. For example, you can show discovery in stage 01. Project initiation in stage 02. Development in stage 03. Testing and validation in stage 04 and project launch in stage 05. These five phases are workflows that will be included in every project management phase. In each column of the horizontal ppt, you can add Gate criteria, Key metrics, and deliverables. Project gates help managers and key stakeholders review project status, make decisions about the feasibility and decide whether the project should continue or not.

The project stage gate powerpoint template will provide a quick view of the five phases of the project life cycle. When dealing with a project, you can copy the template to show evaluations and take actions depending on your decisions. The column powerpoint table allows the users to show the stages on the top arrow powerpoint designs and insert their key points on the gate criteria. The phase gate framework is suitable for defining metrics and steps with the editable project stage gate template.