• Agenda template with 9 stages

9 stage agenda template is a generic timeline presentation ppt help displaying concepts up to 9 elements. The hexogen shape PowerPoint shows the time of your discussion schedules in an attractive colorful design. Every organization needs an agenda presentation template to show the upcoming sessions of their meetings. This may help the audience have prior knowledge about what is going to be discussed in upcoming sessions. The 9 stage agenda slide is designed in a straight layout, which will help the presenter to offer creative knowledge in a step-by-step format or the users can use it for the presentation of discrete elements with 9 topics. So, the pattern is suitable for sequential presentation or presentation of separate elements.

Business agenda PowerPoint template is perfect for business summits. So, the introductory slide should be attractive and catching because the spectator's attention will be determined from its beginning stage. Therefore, the presenters should use differently created clipart or vector SmartArt’s for the beginning note. Agenda presentation in Mac keynote is a simple step-by-step diagram that has multiple uses for a business presentation. For instance, you can insert business development concepts or the chronology of your organization's evolution using the parallel agenda diagram. You can access more powerpoint templates & business presentation templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

9 stage agenda template comes with 2 variant designs. In the first design, the hexagon shapes are closely touching with one another, on the other slide, these same shapes are staying away from each other. You can use each variant for presenting different concepts. To show a close relationship, you can use the first diagram, and to display step-by-step development you can use a distant hexagon shape diagram. All the images are customizable. The presenters can insert their texts on the specified text areas. Besides, you can use metaphor images instead of numbers. This is a perfect timeline template for an agenda presentation that ensures straight looks at the subject.