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The project phase gate template is a project management tool created as a table powerpoint design. It is a decision framework to assess and monitor project development. The project phase gate refers to the waterfall or stage-gate process. The initial project is divided into individual stages or phases separated by decision points in a project phase gate. These decision points are known as gates. A project phase should determine where to end or continue, as decided by the project manager or the governance body. This project phase powerpoint has two tables. One is horizontal, and the other is vertical. Both contain stages of the project life cycle, such as discovery, initiation, planning, execution/control, and closure. These five phases are workflows that will be included in every project management phase. In each column of the horizontal ppt, you can insert Gate criteria, Key metrics, and deliverables. At the same time, you can insert Milestones, Key Decisions, and Gates in a vertical powerpoint column design.

Project managers delineate their actions plan using a project phase gate template for powerpoint presentation. They can check whether the previous phases are executed in a quality fashion. Or they can check the proposed action plan and whether the resource taken for the project are sound. This project management template displays the five phases and their subsequent gate criteria through segmented color sections of the vertical project phase gate. The horizontal template shows the columns with white and black background tints and greyed column subdivisions. However, the headings are fashioned on the arrow powerpoint designs that will give a clear look into the texts. It enables presenting fundamentals of the project management decision-making process.

The Powerpoint phase gate template has two background powerpoint colors. The presenters can change the background color, size, and column designs if they need a different look. However, this is the standard phase gate template, so it does not need to alter its size and design. Download alternative project planning templates now!