• 10 Stage Hub and Spoke Process PowerPoint Template

10 Stage Hub and Spoke Process PowerPoint Template

Attractively designed 10 stage hub and spoke process PowerPoint and keynote template is an editable diagram. It allows modifications and alterations on PowerPoint elements. The users can change the color, or restructure the shapes according to their needs and requirements. The changes you made in the diagram will not affect the image quality and resolution.

The major task of a Hub and Spoke Process diagram is tried to reveal the relationship between the center element {Hub} and multiple sub-elements. In an organization, there will be an apex character and the team members have an inextricable relationship with this character in business concerns. The ten stage hub and spoke process PowerPoint template is suitable to generate presentation on this manner. The design contain a trophy in the center, each spoke is connected with the center. The trophy is the key element which motivates other sub-elements. Here this hub is the venue for the user to write the title of the topic of the presentation. The 10 nodes are colored and contain icons as well. This PowerPoint slide is ideal for the research related, business, marketing and academic presentations. For e.g. If our topic is “Human development” that we write in the center and we need to explain the other sub-elements which determine human development or related with human development:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Housing
  4. Employment and working condition
  5. Percapita income
  6. Social distance
  7. Water and sanitation facility
  8. Women’s participation and emancipation
  9. Life expectancy
  10. Income and social status

Each sub elements has equal value to determine “Human development”. This template is also perfect to illustrate human resource, team building, career development and the relationship between the leader and the followers. In the value concern, high value attributed to the main topic. The spokes have equal value. The 10 stage Hub and Spoke Process ppt helps to convey your concepts easily and impeccably.