• Employee lifecycle Process Diagram
  • 5 Stage Employee lifecycle Process PowerPoint Diagram

5 Stage Employee lifecycle Process Diagram

The five stage employee lifecycle process PowerPoint diagram delineates the 5 stages of the employee lifecycle. It is a method of visualize how the employee engages with the organization they are a part of. According to employee life cycle model, this ongoing relationship has five stages: recruitment, onboarding, career development, employee recognition and off boarding. The timeline ppt is emphasis on ELP process that may the employee to expose their full potentials. It is roadmap template for career development process involves different stages of growth and progression. The presenters can provide employee lifecycle model into a framework that offers a different engagement strategy for each stage. It is start with recruitment process and ends with off boarding. But in an employee perspective, this off boarding wouldn’t end his/her life cycle it’s an endless process until the ultimate culmination. However, in a company’s viewpoint, an employee’s lifecycle would end in retirement or off boarding and it will be the last phase of his/her life cycle. Recruitment is all about the finding the right person for each position within the organization. It can also visualize by a recruitment funnel diagram.

Timeline ppt template for presenting employee lifecycle process contains colorful hexagon designs that are arranged in sequential basis. The 5 step infographic for PowerPoint presentation allows any subject of presentation that is in a progressive movement. So, the linear template is an outstanding process presentation diagram that can be illustrated through a step by step model presentation. The hexagon shapes are filled with attractive colors and decorated with meaningful clipart icons. These icons are modern infographic metaphors suitable for a process presentation. Besides, presenters can write their texts on the prescribed areas that also arranged in a horizontal sequence.

Employee lifecycle process PowerPoint template is an edible template that enables users to give an overview and explain the topic details separately of higher impact.

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