• Employee Offboarding PowerPoint Template

The animated cartoon PowerPoint is best for showing the employee offboarding process with 100% audience engagement. Employee life cycle management comprises five steps, i.e., Recruitment, Onboarding, Career Development, Employee recognition and Offboarding. Employee offboarding is a final stage of employee life cycle management. It means separating an employee from their company after termination or retirement. Employee offboarding is as important as employee onboarding. It has a great role in maintaining the organization’s reputation and new onboarding processes.

Organizations pay attention to some areas after employee offboarding; these include.

  • To handover employee’s job and responsibility including his working knowledge.
  • Removal his/her access to company software’s and deactivating passwords
  • Payroll removal
  • Recover company assets
  • Conducting exit interviews to gather feedback

Offboarding check list template for PowerPoint presentation contains 11 slides in an attractive business PowerPoint pitch deck. These are:

  • Intro slide with ppt cartoon designs
  • Employee cycle timeline template
  • PowerPoint donut model chart showing employee exit reasons
  • Step diagram for employee exist process that created with beautiful symbolic cartoon illustration
  • PowerPoint flowchart showing exist process department wise
  • Timeline circle ppt spots for showing exist management system
  • Clipboard presentation template for exist interview
  • Process flowchart PowerPoint template of exist interview flowchart

The users can conveniently download and personalize different templates focusing on employee life cycle management. The offboarding process flow chart is neat and clean on the PowerPoint background and textual criteria. The entire template projects light blue and red combination color schemes that will make the audience stay on the topic. Besides, a few templates have ppt icons that can replace or delete. The given characters and drawings enable you to provide an employee development plan with brief descriptions. However, you can modify the default theme using your knowledge and experience in a similar subject. You can create your offboarding process flow chart and showcase them as a research paper. Also, check out our training process flow chart and hire to retire process flow chart.