• pink-white-powerpoint-template

The pink presentation template offers a highly engaging business powerpoint presentation using the most modern color mixing techniques. This is a company profile ppt created with vector-based images that would keep your audience perfectly putting their eyes on the image and color combinations. Pink is a warm color that represents friendship, gender, harmony, affection, peace, and approachability. It primarily serves the female audience. So, businesses focusing on female items such as cosmetic products, textiles, and female wear can use the pink template to introduce their company's business models before their audience. As pink is the color of romance, it helps you penetrate young audiences with trending powerpoint slides.

The pink presentation template is versatile in its applications due to its modern yet simple look, and it can fit any use case—generally, company profile presentation performed before investors. So, the presenters can use this template as an investment powerpoint template with all ingredients to show your new business model. Attracting investors need eye-catching designs and packed topics that would never lose the business contents and structural formats. The company profiles pink powerpoint template has all elements that you want to present before your investors. Also, the color combination looks attractive for any fashion-themed presentation.

Pink template for PowerPoint presentation contain 22 slides that suits cosmetic industry presentation themes and features. The business profile template has editable themes that take your audience into next level. The pink color template includes themes such as.

  • Intro slide with fashion-theme photograph
  • Welcome slide with editable text placeholders
  • About us slide
  • Who we are template
  • Why choose us design
  • Our service template with infographic metaphors
  • Special service timeline template
  • Product description ppt design
  • Team template
  • Personal profile template
  • Gallery grid powerpoint
  • Pricing plan ppt
  • Testimonial template
  • Powerpoint graph for sales presentation
  • Powerpoint pie chart
  • Infographic timeline
  • Swot analysis template with four sections
  • Lap top mockup
  • Mobile phone mockup
  • Thankyou presentation powerpoint

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