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  • Company-Profile-Presentation
  • About Us PowerPoint Template
  • 8 Item Numbered Infographic List Template PowerPoint Dark

The Blue, yellow, and white theme background powerpoint template looks awesome on the tricolor mix. The business presentation pitch deck has been created in a white background pp tint with blue and yellow powerpoint graphic designs. Blue and yellow combination color mixes are widely used in Ad boards because this combination will greatly impact the visual senses. For example, blue letters on a yellow background or vice versa will be more attractive than other primary color mix schemes. This tricolor combination color mixes ppt template will hit the paint on the canvas. That is why designers would give top priority to the blue and yellow color combinations.

Blue, yellow, and white PowerPoint template is created with excellent color palettes such as #21325E, # F1D00A, and # F0F0F0. The combination of these three colors will provide yellow and blue theme background colors in a mix. For example, f1d00a has an RGB value of 241, 208, and 10. So, red color is the most valued color, and blue is low weight with 10 in the yellow tint. The # 21325E will give a blue color scheme with a value of 12.9 % red, 19.6 % green, and 36.9% blue. However, the blending of other combinations will give a different item. Like the color tones of the yellow powerpoint template, the fonts also come in Butler for heading, DM Serif Display for sub-heading, and Lato regular for content. So, you can use the same fonts to create your business powerpoint deck.

The tricolor mix PowerPoint template in blue, yellow, and white theme slides is the perfect business pitch deck for presenting company profile features.

It includes halftone color templates with the following headings.

  • Cover slide for company profile presentation
  • Table of content
  • About us slide
  • History timeline template
  • Founder of company template with photograph placeholder
  • Team template
  • Customer comparison slide
  • Market powerpoint
  • Opportunity template
  • Company value timeline
  • Problem analysis template
  • Solution slide
  • Product description PowerPoint slide
  • Product category slide
  • Market validation timeline
  • Our service template
  • Bar chart ppt
  • Contact slide
  • Thank you ppt