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The purple and yellow powerpoint template is a business introduction slide deck. It comprised 23 slides with aesthetics graphical images ranging from a business cover introduction to a sales chart presentation. In addition, this template has all solution slides for the company profile presentation and provides an overview of the necessary information. Introduction templates are an inevitable part of investment presentations, sales pitches, and marketing presentations. The business deck collection has creative layouts that provide a quick view of the company's history and corporate culture. Besides, SMEs and Micro enterprises can use the same design to pronounce their business model and innovations. Furthermore, this template is ideal for a startup presentation in a sequential f w. Above all, the purple and yellow combination is a key highlight of the diagram, ensuring 100% audience attention and interaction.

The purple and yellow template for powerpoint presentations helps define goals, vision, and sales estimations in a fashion of storytelling. Moreover, the vector infographic designs, charts, and images fit, presenting both qualitative and quantitative data perfectly. Possibly, all the company introduction slides look-alike at the content or theme. However, the design styles and color mix patterns make massive differences. So, you can add each slide to your company portfolio presentation collection to make a presentation with a different look. The yellow and purple tints provide a sleek design on white powerpoint background.

This free powerpoint template has itemized all themes of the business presentation. It includes a business introduction profile, content presentation layout in agenda ppt design, about us slide, what we do presentation title, how we work slide, service description template, success timeline, target market presentation with analysis metaphor, product introduction slide, marketing, and sales presentation diagram, client interaction, data chart template, CEO slide, team template, photo placeholder design, mockup slides, Australia map powerpoint, and contact slide. These colorful slides are creative assistance for corporates, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses.