• Bauhaus art slide deck

Bauhaus is an art movement which started in the 1920s that inspired countless artists, designers, and architects to create masterpieces over the decades. The word ‘Bauhaus’ means a school/ house of art in German. The idea was to combine architecture, sculpture, and paintings into one creative expression.

Bauhaus is unique for its simple yet attractive designs. It has functional shapes like, squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles. It follows a primary color scheme with red, yellow, and blue. Bauhaus art is functional to the core but also stays fresh and bold.

Our Bauhaus PowerPoint template has an engaging design with vibrant vector images that you can be sure your presentation will stand out from the rest. The template has readymade slides for SWOT analysis, Marketing Strategy, Timeline Infographics and Data Report. All elements can be edited and adjusted to your need. Download this free Bauhaus PowerPoint template and create a stunning presentation with a pinch of art.