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Free chocolate PowerPoint template in chocolate color mix fits any PowerPoint structure. These free PowerPoint chocolate designs contain embedded background photos, diagrams and charts, cutout images and a complete company profile presentation deck for confectionery and restaurant presentations. All the themes are made of chocolate and sweet colors mixed with cakes and sweetmeats. This free PowerPoint template is customizable, and you can use it to sell and promote your chocolate industry and candy products. If you want to provide a different scenario, delete the pictures, and drag and drop your own images that are in line with your company or presentation. Whether you're a chocolatier, a pastry chef, or a food blogger, this Chocolate PowerPoint template is a valuable asset that can help you communicate your ideas and showcase your products in a visually appealing way.

The Chocolate PowerPoint template for free presentation contains 17 versatile slides for business introduction. The chocolate theme with cake and candy images are the key highlights of the template. However, these templates have multiple uses since it has a company profile ppt structure. Hence, any company can use this template to capture the audience. This would be an ideal choice when you need a dark-mode presentation. Besides, you can use any templates for your kid's happy birthday celebrations since it lures the audience's attraction with a festive mood. Furthermore, the layout is adaptive for award ceremonies, company inaugurations, and company anniversary functions; nevertheless, it's a company profile ppt presentation.

The key features of the free PowerPoint template as follows:

  • Cover slide for free PowerPoint chocolate template including splashy chocolate mixes
  • Welcome slide with chocolate bar with decorative arts
  • Introduction slide with sweetmeat images
  • Our history slide with light soil yellow mix duotone
  • Our service template in brownish background and have circle and square columns for text insertions
  • Chocolate bar timeline template for business process presentation
  • Personal profile template
  • Team slide
  • Price table PowerPoint
  • Special item template (chocolate cake image)
  • Infographic slide for five step presentation
  • Our gallery in gid view
  • Mockup template
  • Data chart PowerPoint
  • Thankyou and contact slide mix

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