• Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Text
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Year
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Text
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Year
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Branch
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Bubbles
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Roadmap
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Sections
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Triangle
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Inverted-Triangle
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Texts
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Years
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Texts
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Years
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Branches
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Bubbles
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Roadmaps
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PPT-Template-Sections
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Triangles
  • Free-Infographic-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Inverted-Triangles

Download Free Infographic PowerPoint Deck

Use our easy-to-edit free infographic PowerPoint deck for engaging presentations in business, science, education, or any subject you want to present before your audience. Infographic templates have been created using different PowerPoint shapes, geometrical combinations, timeline designs, standardised diagrams, and other creative arts to delineate a message with aesthetics. It will have multiple steps and segments that fit your presentation as you need. Through these free PowerPoint infographics, professionals can conjure viewers' attention and motivate them to participate in an active discussion. So, the infographic deck is compiled with a set of slides that ensures your message stands out.

What are the benefits of using a free PowerPoint template?

Utilizing free PowerPoint templates offers several advantages. Firstly, they save time and effort as pre-designed templates provide a foundation, reducing the need to create presentations from scratch. These templates often feature professional designs, enhancing the visual appeal of your slides. Additionally, they can help maintain consistency across presentations, aligning branding elements and ensuring a thematic look. Besides, free templates are easily accessible, catering to various themes and purposes. They also accommodate users with limited design skills, enabling them to create visually appealing presentations without extensive graphic design knowledge. Overall, free PowerPoint templates simplify the presentation creation process and improve the overall quality of the content.

The infographic PowerPoint deck free is helpful for business professionals, teachers, marketers, and creative individuals to make business pitches, academic lectures, marketing reports, financial presentations, or any scenario where you need an impactful slideshow. Let's have a look at the designs and shapes used in the free PowerPoint deck.

  • Cover slide for free infographic template
  • Six section template features stacked vertical palette shapes
  • 5 stage linear timeline template features a leaf shape with PPT icons
  • Six-step wired infographic diagram with connected circles and meaningful metaphors
  • 6 stage timeline in a linear flow features square callouts with infographic clipart
  • Tree diagram template features outplaced leaf’s
  • Eight-section infographic comparison diagram in the hub and spoke model
  • A typical roadmap template features four milestones as GPS locators
  • Poster slide in a parallel layout
  • Three-stage triangle diagram in segments
  • Inverted pyramid PPT features seven layers

All these free infographic templates for PowerPoint presentation have an abundance of editable text placeholders that allow the user to create their own content without any confusion. Similarly, the customization lets add new icons, features, and logos if needed. Download free infographic PowerPoint template and create inspiring presentations. Also, check out our latest free PowerPoint decks for business presentations.