• guy-kawasaki-pitch-deck-template

Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck offers capital raising plans presentation within the stipulated number of slides. How many slides for a PowerPoint presentation; is a question being discussed in business areas. Experts in powerpoint presentations have diverse opinions like any other discussion. Some stand for 15 – 20 slides, while others raise their hands for 8 to 12 slides. Guy Kawasaki, an expert in graphic design tools and author of various books about Art and social media, evangelizes the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint designs. It means a pitch should confine to ten slides, no longer than 20 minutes of presentation, and the font should not be smaller than thirty points. Our designers created this Guy Kawasaki deck for a general ppt presentation with these guidelines.

Guy Kawasaki pitch decks are best for an attractive angel investor to your startup. So, we made it as a creative powerpoint for startup presentation with specific reference to detailed fundraising plans. This template has 12 slides that may go against Kawasaki’s guidelines for powerpoint presentations. However, our researchers have noticed an investment powerpoint presentation will never avoid specific topics. So, to keep certain standards for an investment pitch deck, we are adding two more slides to the business pitch deck.

Guy Kawasaki Powerpoint pitch deck is colored with mixable formula. The blue and light blue splashy color codes are the major attraction of the presentation. Studies show audiences incline half-tone mix. They like it more when comparing traditional single dark or light mode combinations. Hence, powerpoint designs also are varied from the conventional model of coloring.

Guy Kawasaki's deck for powerpoint presentations combines topics and features that suit company profile ppt presentations. These include cover slide pitch deck in blue theme, company intro slide, problem/opportunity two-tone mix powerpoint, value proposition slide, service slide, business model template, go to market plan discussion slide, competitor analysis template with bullet point expressions, team template, powerpoint graph, current state, and future state template, and a thank you ppt slide. Try out Guy Kawasaki pitch deck and create fruitful investment discussions.