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Create a film pitch deck for story presentation

Are you a filmmaker, producer, or storyteller with a compelling project you're eager to bring to life on the big screen? Then, behance your presentation with our Film Pitch Deck Template PPT. This all-in-one platform has a variety of movie-themed PowerPoint slides that make your presentation creative and impressive. Its gaudy PowerPoint themes have been designed to craft a persuasive presentation to attract investors, partners, and collaborators.

How do you write a film pitch deck for PowerPoint

To craft a compelling film pitch deck in PowerPoint, begin with an introduction featuring your project's title, genre, and logline. Highlight your team's expertise and accomplishments in the industry. Provide a concise plot synopsis emphasizing uniqueness and emotional resonance. Present market analysis data and budget breakdown. Include visuals like concept art or mood boards. Share distribution and marketing strategies for the film's success. Clearly state your funding needs. Consider adding an appendix with script details. Hence, this is a complete presentation template that includes all the elements you want to create a movie PowerPoint deck.

This movie presentation template has a variety of uses including pitching your film project. Whether you're seeking funding for a feature film, documentary, or short film, our template provides a structured and professional format to present your vision. It can be used for impression investors and financiers with a deck that shares the market potential, story, and budget estimation of your film project. Besides, it can be beneficial for applying for film festivals and grants. Moreover, it is created with generic themes so it will support all the business presentations including a company introduction with stunning film images.

Filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and directors, film students, film enthusiasts and anyone can use the template who wants to create a professional pitch deck for their unique project. This pack includes the following 20 slides for film presentation:

  • Title slide
  • Logline
  • Genre & tone
  • Synopsis
  • Target audience
  • Unique selling points
  • Visual inspirations
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Production design
  • Storyboard
  • Funding & Budget
  • Revenue projection
  • Production timeline
  • Marketing & distribution
  • Awards & festivals
  • Contact
  • Thank you

Create a film pitch deck for story presentation with the shapes, images, and themes that are all related to the film industry. Alternatively, explore a variety of free and premium PowerPoint pitch deck templates tailored to the film industry, or browse other pitch deck options.