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Download free animated PowerPoint deck

Introducing our cutting-edge business presentation deck, the Animated PowerPoint Deck Free. This pitch deck is crafted with dynamic, moving objects, setting it apart from traditional presentations. Plan your engagement with stakeholders, investors, clients, and team members through PowerPoint video animation slideshows. These free slides are designed to enhance your delivery and instill confidence in your message. Whether addressing investors, stakeholders, or teammates, our latest pitch deck for free offers a blend of 17 slides with interactive elements, ensuring your presentations leave a lasting impression. Stay ahead in the business landscape with this compelling and free animated PowerPoint presentation.

How to add animations in PowerPoint?

Adding animations in PowerPoint is a straightforward process that enhances the visual appeal of your presentation. Begin by selecting the object or text you want to animate, then navigate to the "Animations" tab on the ribbon. Choose from the variety of entrance, exit, or motion path animations available. To customize the animation, access the Animation Pane to adjust the order, duration, and timing. Utilize the "Animation Painter" tool to replicate animations across multiple objects. Additionally, explore the "Transition" tab to apply slide transition effects. Experiment with these features to create a dynamic and engaging presentation that effectively communicates your ideas and captivates your audience.

What and all included in the free animated template for PowerPoint presentation:

  • Cover slide
  • Welcome message
  • Presentation agenda with bullet point textholders
  • Current market trends
  • Vision and Mission
  • Our core values
  • Risk management
  • Team members (2 versions)
  • Biography presentation template (2 versions)
  • Technology integration
  • Desktop mockup
  • Parallel bar chart
  • Client testimonial
  • Thank you PPT
  • Features image

Animated PowerPoint free is an innovative creation because of the moving objects and flipping slide movements. Each slide has moving big bubbles in the background that set the difference between flat PowerPoint designs. Besides, these slides come in orange, yellow and sky-blue gradient mix with attraction. It has enough text areas wherein you can insert your concepts with clarity and precision. The presenters can add or delete default graphics if they need a different option. Download free animated PowerPoint deck and create thrilling business shows. Also, check out our free animated PowerPoint templates.