• Animated 3d timeline infographics

3d animated timeline infographics contain five paved tiles. However, in the end, one tile looks like an arch in shape that is changing the real appeal as a 3D PowerPoint linear diagram. Timelines are the most-used diagrams showing the historical development and evolution of an event or a phenomenon. For companies, it will be helpful to pass company history and the greatest milestones to the audience. As a linear design in PowerPoint, this 3-d timeline template would bring viewers’ attention, and it also boosts the capacity to recall messages when they need to remember.

The segmented tiles of the timeline diagram indicate the chronology of business development over the periods. Each section in the chart has been tinted with multiple colour combinations that will aid to enhance audience attention at the maximum.

3d timeline animated PowerPoint template has text placeholders on its left-side. Further, you can add your texts to the timeline divisions if required. The infographic metaphor designs are also replaceable or removable according to your topics. If you want to replace you can drag and drop new icons from the Slidebazaar gallery. If you're going to straighten linear PowerPoint, it also is applied with a few clicks. So, every type of add-ons is letting here. PowerPoint timelines may be the right choice to create step by step presentations in a sequential flow. So, you can use it as a process flow ppt template even if it may not be the same.

Both education experts and business professionals can use animated 3d timeline infographics as it is a history presentation diagram. If your presentation needs more stages, you can add and make presentations up to 7 steps on the same PowerPoint platform. Your expression will not be bored if you are using professional PowerPoint templates and business presentation slides. Do not be hesitated to download the amazing and latest PowerPoint template from our huge collections.