• Free Timeline Infographics

The free timeline infographic template is a linear arrow PowerPoint that suits chronology presentations for business and educational purposes. Timelines are best for planning presentations with a sequence of events and plans. Using the colorful PowerPoint design, the presenters can add strategies for the next six years or six months. For example, you can present a chronology pattern of the evolutions of a business or a theory with the steps and stages. Business managers or professionals can use a timeline PowerPoint infographic to demonstrate business milestones and accomplishments that have been achieved over a period. Timelines are easy-to-use tools for storytelling without interferences and descriptions of an event.

The Arrow Timeline PowerPoint Template has been an effective tool for showcasing business development for six years. The template features six arrows, each in a different color code, making it easy for the audience to follow the chronology of events. The design structure also helps ensure the topic stays in mind long after the presentation. With the option to add descriptions on either side of the timeline, you can provide a more detailed explanation of the key events and milestones in your business's history. The black-and-white design offers a simple and professional look while allowing customization to suit your preferences.

This free timeline template is perfect for business presentations, marketing reports, or any other situation where a timeline is needed to represent your company's progress visually. Download free PowerPoint timelines now!