• 6 Month Timeline Template for PowerPoint
  • half yearly Timeline Template ppt

6-month timeline template for PowerPoint is a linear timeline in a bubble flow design. This simple timeline is a great option for those who want to systematically summarize business progress or process flow in the past 6 months. The key highlight of this template is its attractive and summarized appearance that can brighten up an ordinary thought to become more catchy and impressive. The template contains six milestone presentation circle PPT designs with text boxes. The text placeholders elicit the sequence of months for proper representation of the straight crossing line. This six-month timeline allows six step presentation suitable for showing the project process and updates.

The six-month timeline template for the PowerPoint presentation is very user-friendly and will require only a few clicks to be completely customized according to one’s requirements. Besides writing your text in the prescribed text boxes, the presenters can also change the colors, objects, or shapes and modify their positions and appearance by themselves. Therefore, this six-month template can be used by business managers, teachers, sales officers, project managers, and whoever wants o make a PowerPoint timeline. In addition, the presenters can add infographic cliparts that represent the topic accordingly. Further, adding gradient effects or a duotone mix can change light and dark color backgrounds. Get impressive timeline templates now!