• Timeline PowerPoint template

Timeline PowerPoint Template

Timeline is a graphical tool to display a list of events in chronological order. It is very useful to show the historical progress of an event or phenomenon. Our timeline PowerPoint template and keynote is a simple timeline that can be used to show the business development process or the history of business growth. It is a horizontal timeline diagram that shows the sequence of milestones achieved over a period of time. Normally, the timeline shows the linear sequence of the process, so it can be added to the process diagram category. The simple and colorful illustration is suitable for any data presentation.

Business consultants and professionals can download the timeline templates to present the business development or business plan. Also, check out project timeline PowerPoint template. Alternatively, these are useful for academic presentation related to the historical development of a phenomenon or a subject. Present your historical data using history timeline PowerPoint template.

Timeline PowerPoint template contains six divisions. Each segment contains years in the surface and adjacent text placeholders. Further, these stages are colorful milestones containing infographic icons to represent terms in each level. This is a significant presentation slide for planning purposes. It can present the tasks, processes, or events as easily accessible information to all the project stakeholders. The viewers can analyze the timing of each event and act accordingly. The linear timeline PowerPoint presents a beautiful chronological scale of flat design vector shapes. The presentation topic may vary according to the nature and preference of the users.

This timeline template for PowerPoint assists users to personalize the slides according to their idea or presentation. Moreover, this template contains an organized format of placeholders to add the titles and descriptions. Further, the position of text placeholders enables the audience to stand on the topic because of the straight and direct look. Above all, the PowerPoint template is suitable for illustrating multiple business models.