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  • Timeline Infographic template

Timeline Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Timeline infographic template PowerPoint and Keynote slide is a simple design to show the timeline line development of a business. The template is suitable to show the business processes and business achievements in a chronological step-by-step method. Timeline presentation is a common technique to illustrate the movement from one phase to another. It’s an inevitable tool for project planning and management. It provides a view of progress over activities. Timeline infographic is a visual demonstration of tasks and duration, enabling users to create an easy-to-understand roadmap or project or event. This infographic timeline is easy to use and customize. It is useful to display historical achievements and milestones along with the story of your company. Each section of the timeline colors differently and have a thin line that indicates the area of the text zone. This may style help the user to easily distinguish the presentation subject.

The timeline infographic template PowerPoint and Keynote slide useful to illustrate seven stages of business or organizational development in arranged chronology. A timeline is very popular for project management and any kind of business planning. Users can display the objectives of each milestone with an elaborate explanation and summarize in a concise way with authentic and reliable proof. Additionally, it is able to present product features and unique strategies to ensure process development. PowerPoint timeline template is suitable for creating roadmaps visualizations. Each square box is comprised of infographic icons and text zones, the theme of the presentation is easily extractable because of the color differentiation and text positioning.

Timeline infographic template for PowerPoint and Keynote slide is available in two backgrounds and four slides. These attractive timeline slides were created with professional touch because the icons in the slides have deeper meanings, especially in project management terms. The user can download the product launch roadmap timeline PowerPoint and keynote template to describe 10 stages of project development.

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