• Process Timeline Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Timeline Infographic Template

The pre-designed PowerPoint of process timeline infographic template design is suitable to present the timeline growth of a business organization. However, it’s a unique design that may munch any topic from any knowledge. The nine hexagon shapes in a rounded surface is apt to show any information without a concealing factor. The circles are slicked in the periphery of the bar it makes a feeling of bar diagram. Therefore, the users can use it as a bar graph and shows different value propositions of the data. Nine elements of a single concept can be displayed by using the process timeline infographic design.

The Process Timeline infographic template PowerPoint is considered as some of the first infographics in history. Timeline infographics are used to show the passage of time. These graphics map a story or process through time using a connecting line with different points branching out. Timeline infographics make complex information easier to understand. These graphics can be used in almost every industry or situation. Your company history, the process of onboarding new employees, sales or design process, etc. can be represented effectively through timeline infographics.

The process timeline infographic template Design is perfect to portray the sequences of events. Project management is a complex and time-consuming task. But if you make a simple path through the product roadmap then the job will become much easier for you. Your team member will easily understand what they have to do and when. In the timeline, the infographic time scale can be hours to years to millenniums. The time scale depends on what you want to illustrate. To make the timeline infographic more attractive you need to concise the details and facts. The template has proper spacing, different heights of branches, and beautiful colors which make the template more clear and attractive. The Process Timeline template is fully editable without any software and compatible with all devices.

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