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The hiring process timeline template is an HR presentation powerpoint that comprehensively displays the recruitment process. It will proclaim the company process and approaches in a step-by-step guide. The template could be used as an instructional powerpoint to teach and learn the corporate hiring process. Recruitment is a sorting process; the interview board must understand the aptitude and potential abilities of the nominees by analyzing them and finally deciding whether they fit. A well-defined and perfectly crafted hiring process encourages the recruitment team to filter the right candidates faster while staying focused on engaging qualified applicants for maximum conversions. The phases of recruitment procedures may differ from company to company depending on the organizational composition of the company. It may also depend on the nature of the operation, size of the company, current hiring workflow, and selection process.

A timeline template for the hiring process is perfect for companies that frequently hire the workforce. The HR manager and hiring team benefit from the pre-made hiring process template to prepare captivating presentations explaining the internal hiring process. The powerpoint recruitment contains standard HR practices that are followed by all industries. For example, the first slide is a circle powerpoint design showing seven hiring procedures. These processes are identifying the hiring needs, job description, talent search, screening and shortlisting, interviewing, offer, and induction. These common process hiring is being ornamented with matching clipart icons. For example, the screening and shortlisting are shown by a funnel infographic. Similarly, interviews, talent searches, and all icons will help symbolic shows.

The second slide for the hiring process is a linear timeline template with six connected circles. The powerpoint circles are colored in yellow, green, sandal, red, pink, and light violet tints. Each loop has clipart infographics for symbolic ppt presentation. It also shows the common recruitment process—download a simple hiring process timeline template to support your HR professionals.